India is a nation of sages and saints. A nation, they say, created by God Himself. A nation spread across a vast expanse from Himalayas on the north to the Indian Ocean on the south. It’s our nation, India. We have a long historical legacy, rich with four Vedas (ancient Indian holy literature inspired by sages), six Shastras (holy sciences), eighteen Puranas (literature explaining brahma in simplified way), fourteen Vidyas (lore) and sixty four Kalas (several inner art fields).

With the blessings of respected Shri Mali Maharaj, Revered Shri Prabhakar Keshav Sardeshmukh Maharaj established Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust in the year 1954 with a meticulous motto of rejuvenating the ancient Indian sciences and traditions with a rational and scientific approach. He donated 63 acres of land to the Trust for the study, practice and propagation of ancient Indian wisdom. The Trust is located at Wagholi, about 20 kms towards the east from Pune City, Maharashtra and is recognized as “Vishwashantidham”.

During the journey of more than six decades, the Trust has seen several momentous achievements, especially in the field of Ayurved, and yet, there is a lot to be achieved. We are in the developmental path with the support of our associates, patrons and well-wishers.